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Create the life you want instead of letting life happen to you


My passion is helping women feel empowered, fulfilled and free.

Live a life of

Tamara (Tammy) Baker


It's Tammy, nice to meet you

Begin your journey to let go of things that hold you back & create a life of...



Embrace, accept, love and live the way

you truly are.


Live life with both feet in.

Be “YOU”, not who other people want you to be.



No longer just “fit in” but tap into your authentic self in order to develop a real sense of connection.



Move forward because you are enough, right now,

just the way you are.



Uncover your values and honor them in such a way as to experience the fulfillment that comes with 

living a life of purpose.

Discover your true self


Create the life you've always wanted


When life happens, Tammy is my go-to coach!  Over the past year, Tammy has coached me through several transitions in my life:  career change, death of my parents, and major surgery. 


She helped me see clearly, past my paralyzing fear, and come out the other side feeling the joy in life again.  Tammy’s compassionate heart, keen understanding, genuine care for my well-being, and the ability to help me get to the core is phenomenal – unsurpassed! 


Tammy coaches from the heart and provides a safe place for me to uncover my truth. 


The path to self-discovery can take on many forms over a period of time but is well worth it in the end.

Everyone could use a little support when facing life’s challenges.

As you pursue discovering who you truly are, I challenge you to be brave, ask questions, let others guide and teach you along the way, and above all else enjoy the journey.

How can I help?

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